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Published: 2023-09-24
Authors: Violeta Gajić, Milena Dunčić, Ana Mladenović, Dejan Prelević
In the central part of North Macedonia, in the area of the Klepa Mts., Upper Cretaceous sedimentary formations have been studied. Based on sedimentological, micropaleontological and biostratigraphical investigations of samples from both the east and . . .
Published: 2023-07-11
Did the Western and the Eastern Vardar ophiolites originate through a single intra-oceanic subduction? Insight from numerical modelling
Authors: Nikola Stanković, Taras Gerya, Vesna Cvetkov, Vladica Cvetković
The ophiolites of the Balkan Peninsula are distinguished into the Western and the Eastern Vardar ophiolites and it is generally accepted that both of them resulted from the latest Jurassic/earliest Cretaceous closure of the Vardar branch of the Tethy . . .
Published: 2023-07-11
Understanding geodynamics of the long-lasting Adria – Europe convergence: New constraints from the central Balkans
Authors: Ana Mladenović, Uroš Stojadinović, Vladica Cvetković & Dejan Prelević
The Central Balkan region offers particular insights into the very last episodes of the life of oceanic domains that existed between Adria and Europe. This special issue highlights some of the latest developments in the geological research of this c . . .
Published: 2023-07-11
A first attempt at a provenance study in the Jadar block (Serbia) by means of U-Pb zircon geochronology
Authors: Georg Löwe, Dejan Prelević & Kamil Ustaszewski
U-Pb geochronology of zircon grains retrieved from magmatic rocks intruding the Jadar block terrane in the central Balkans is used here to add new constraints on the terrane accretion processes and the provenance of crustal sources of this potentiall . . .
Published: 2023-04-24
Cretaceous magmatism from the Sava-Vardar Zone of the Balkans
Authors: Kristijan Sokol, Dejan Prelević and Ana Radivojević
The complex geodynamic evolution of the northernmost Neotethys is the subject of a long-living controversy. The most perplexing issues are related to the waning stage(s) of the Tethyan ocean(s) in the Balkans and the timing of the Europe-Adria collis . . .
Published: 2022-12-01
Recycling of carbonates into the deep mantle beneath central Balkan Peninsula: Mg-Zn isotope evidence
Authors: Zi-Tan Shu, Sheng-Ao Liu, Dejan Prelević, Yu Wang, Stephen F. Foley, Vladica Cvetković, Shuguang Li
Magnesium (Mg) and zinc (Zn) isotopes have been applied to trace whether surface carbonates have been recycled into the deep mantle beneath Balkan Peninsula, where a stagnant slab exists in the mantle transition zone. Here we investigate a suite of C . . .
Published: 2022-08-31
Magmatism of the Sava Vardar Zone as an example of how complex tectonomagmatic divisions can be
Authors: Vladica Cvetković
The Sava Vardar Zone (Pamić, 2002) or the Sava Zone (Schmid et al., 2008) is a discontinued belt of Late Cretaceous to Palaeogene variably metamorphosed flysch-like deposits associated with roughly contemporaneous magmatic rocks, varying in composi . . .